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Cirsium oleraceum
This picture shows: flower, bract  
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Cabbage Thistle

Ysgallen dail bresych

Eu-dicots (True dicotyledons)
Family: Asteraceae
Kingston upon Hull
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Nikki says:
The plant has been at the side of a small path leading to a field for at least ten years. It dies down completely in Winter. The specimen has multiplied many times over on the same spot. Bees are very attracted to this Cirsium. They seem to become inebriated by the nectar and are often seen motionless in the flower heads in Summer. The flowers are quite aromatic.
11 August 2012
Category: Wild-growing plants and fungi of the British Isles
British Isles status: introduced after 1500 AD

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Photographer: A N Abramson

About the picture:
11/08/2012 10:44:31
1/500 sec - F/3.2
Sensitivity: ISO 80
Light value: 12.6

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